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Crypto Tax Accountant Brisbane

Please Note

Due to high demand in the crypto space, we are now only engaging new clients with crypto investments that are looking to transition their group which includes a small business or investment property.


If you have general questions in regards to crypto, please check out our FAQs in the two links below:

Crypto Tax Obligations Handled

For a cryptocurrency tax specialist that can provide you with expert knowledge and advice, look no further than Woodward & Co. Our team of knowledgeable crypto tax advisors are here to work with you, so you can comfortably meet your tax obligations. Once you work with the best crypto accountant in Brisbane, you will have no doubt that our team is completely up to speed with all the latest rules and regulations around cryptocurrency in Australia, so you can rest assured that we will take care of your tax obligations expediently and professionally.

Our highly experienced team takes a personalised approach with every client. Whether you are using crypto as an investment strategy, to accept as a payment method, or you're operating a cryptocurrency business, there are tax obligations that you will need to fulfil. It's best to use a cryptocurrency tax accountant who knows the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency system, including the evolving legislative requirements, and can advise you properly. As a crypto CPA, we can help you prepare your full tax return with our expert knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. 


Bitcoin & crypto tax accountant

We were one of the first accounting firms in Brisbane to offer crypto accountant services, and that is because we are passionate users and investors of digital currency and blockchain technology ourselves. As an expert cryptocurrency accountant, we understand a great deal more than your average CPA when it comes to: 


  • Investing and capital gains

  • Crypto business

  • ICOs and air drops

  • Yield farming, staking & mining


Though we are unable to provide one-off crypto tax advice or assistance to self-preparers of tax returns, we are more than happy to discuss our services with you to help you understand how we can become a valid part of your financial team.


Accounting for crypto businesses

If you operate a predominately cryptocurrency-based business, the accounting related to this type of work can be tricky to navigate. As specialists in our field, our team of qualified crypto tax advisors can help simplify the process for you. Our business services at Woodward & Co. offer you individually tailored services, including: 


  • Accounting and tax compliance

  • ASIC and company secretarial services


Investing in a specialist cryptocurrency tax accountant for your business can help you navigate the legislation easily and allow you more time to focus on what’s important — your business. 


Engage a crypto CPA to perfect your finances

If you hold a large cryptocurrency investment, having the specialist knowledge of a crypto tax expert on your team can only be beneficial for you. The knowledge held by a cryptocurrency accountant is more than you will find with most CPAs so you can feel confident that your interests are being properly taken care of. As cryptocurrency investors ourselves, we understand your specific needs and tax obligations, and our team can help you ensure that your financial obligations are met. If you are unsure of the services that a crypto CPA can offer which differ from your regular accountant, all you need to do is contact us to discuss your situation and tailor an accounting package to suit your specific needs. Safeguard your financial interests and engage the services of an expert crypto tax accountant from Woodward & Co. today.

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Bitcoin & Crypto Tax Preparation

We were one of the first accounting firms in Brisbane to offer crypto tax accounting and that is because we are passionate users and investors of digital currency and blockchain technology ourselves.

  • Investing and Capital Gains

  • Crypto Business

  • ICOs and Air Drops

  • Yield Farming, Staking & Mining

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