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4 Awesome Newsletters for Business Owners & Investors

There are tons of newsletters out there, but many feel like a drain on your time or are full of ads. These newsletters are packed full of great content and ideas that will help business owners & investors live a better life. You’ll probably also be excited when they land in your inbox!

Abnormal Returns brings the best of the best of the finance and investment blogosphere to readers daily. It provides must-read news and blog articles and podcasts to tune in to.

Barry’s blog, The Big Picture, which has been ranked the number one financial blog to follow by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. He’s also been called one of the 25 Most Dangerous People in Financial Media. The daily newsletter provides a number of must-read articles from across the web.

Seth Godin is a brilliant marketer, and his short posts pack a punch and will leave you thinking.

The former Canadian spy puts out his ‘Brain Food’ newsletter each Sunday. It contains multi-disciplinary reading recommendations from around the internet as well as book recommendations designed to stimulate your brain. Readers include CEOs, sports coaches, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, Nobel Laureates, hedge fund managers, teachers, professors, students, venture capitalists, and everyone in between. One thing these readers have in common is a passion for learning and acquiring practical wisdom so they can live better lives.


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