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Are Property Seminars and Courses Tax Deductible?

The answer as with most tax matters is - it depends!

Property seminar costs (and related costs) are deductible where the seminar deals with how to improve the performance of a current income producing property. This would include topics on strategies to maximise rental income from your rental properties, and how to manage your existing rental properties including tenant selection, advertising and repairs to the property.

Property seminar costs are not deductible where the seminar deals with how to handle future property purchases, wealth creation generally, helping you find a rental property to invest in, or where you do not yet have a rental property.

Therefore when calculating your deduction we recommend you use the seminar outline or notes and check the topics, and apportion the total cost between the deductible and non-deductible components e.g. 35% deductible, 65% non-deductible.

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